Purewater water purification units



Purifying water for drinking from lakes, rivers, wells and other sources

  • Completely autonomous thanks to a petrol (gasoline) engine and a manual pump
  • Can function without an energy source thanks to its manual pump
  • Easy to transport and use ; light but sturdy
  • Economical¬†: produces 500 litres of drinking water in one hour

If the unit works 3 hours per day, 150 people can be provided with water, each person receiving 10 litres per day. Filters should be changed every 50,000 litres produced. Delivered in a fly case.

Dimensions and weight



60 x 60 x 110 cm


  • Gross (with fly case) : 59 kg
  • Net : 31 kg



60 x 60 x 110 cm


  • Gross (with fly case) : 75 kg
  • Net : 39 kg


Technical specifications

Water purification in 6 steps

  • Double-walled ceramic filter (0.5 to 1 micron) filters sediment, seaweed, etc.
  • Nano Metal Clusters media (NMC) operating in redox reactions are:
  • Efficient against chlorine residues and other purification agents
  • Efficient against heavy metal ions such as Pb2+, Cd2+, Cr6+, As3+, etc.
  • Efficient against organic pollutants
  • Efficient in preventing the development of micro-organisms
  • Efficient against ferrous ions and bad odours
  • Activated carbon reduces odours and removes pollutants present in the water including chlorine. Gives water a fresh taste

Double-walled ceramic filter (0.1 micron) enables microfiltration (in the UF spectrum) and ensures the removal of most water pollutants, bacteria and viruses

Additional treatment in Nano Metal Clusters media ensures greater efficiency against heavy metal ions and other pollutants

Subsequent treatment with activated carbon ensures greater efficiency against chlorine and organic pollutants


  • Manual pump (MWTU-1) or petrol (gasoline) engine (MWTU-2)
  • Production : 500 litres/hour or 8 litres/minute
  • Can pump water from a depth of 8 metres
  • Economical : a ceramic filter can produce 50,000 litres of drinking water
  • Simple to operate and easy to clean


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