Child PIC – Portable Isolation Chamber



Individual transportation unit

Recommended for use in disaster medicine, the PIC Portable
Isolation Chamber is a mobile containment unit used to
transport highly contagious or high-risk patients.
Recommended for use in disaster medicine, the PIC Portable
Isolation Chamber is a mobile containment unit used to
transport highly contagious or high-risk patients.
The unit is completely airproof and is equipped with a
HEPA filtered ventilation system. It is capable of either
depressurisation to ensure the isolation of highly contagious
patients (and thereby protects the medical staff)
or over-pressurisation to protect transported patients
from external contamination (transfer of immunocompromised
patients or the evacuation and care of casualties in CBRN
war zone environments).
Thanks to its characteristics (which include a built-in
inflatable mattress and two rechargeable engines), patients
may remain isolated and confined in the PIC for an unlimited
period of time.
Available in adult and child versions.
Light and foldable equipment.
Quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

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Dimensions and weight

– Internal dimensions : 145 x 55 x 50 cm (L X W X H)

– TRANSPORTATION BACKPACK : 55 x 55 x 25 cm (L X W X H)

– Weight : 10 KG fully equipped.

Technical specifications

– 4 ergonomic carrying handles.
– 3 pairs of cuffs (30cm long) made of transparent polyurethane 30-100.
– 3 pairs of Butyl or PVC gloves for medical intervention on the patient from the outside. Vacuum mattress
with suction valve and fastening system.
– 5 internal, adjustable coated straps to maintain the patient in place.
– 3 arches.
– 1 wide port with openings and waterproof zips for the introduction of medicines and the passage of cloths,
compresses and any other equipment.
– 4 waterproof, tight sleeves and openings for the passage of intravenous and oxygen tubes.

– Unit in transparent polyurethane (75-100 mm) and 840 D coated fabric with double-sided, gray polyurethane on both ends and arches.
– Ground sheet and double bottom base in 840 D coated fabric with double-sided, black polyurethane, extremely resistant.
– 2 compact and light ventilator/filtration units with a HEPA filter, one is a spare as a precautionary measure.
– With the battery fully charged, the system can operate for up to 16 hours without an external power source. It is equipped with an
alarm system which rings when the battery is weak.
– Internal balloon to control decreases in pressure.
– Waterproof and airproof zip on 3 sides of the unit for rapid and easy installation of the patient.
– CE marking, SECUROTEC logo, Identification number.
– 4 foldable longitudinale rods to strenghten the unit.
– Sleeve to insert fibreglass rod.
– Integrated pairs of gloves on ports with 2 O-rings.

Inflatable transfer mattress in the double bottom base which can be removed. It is like a long spine board when inflated and
is sturdy enough to be used without a stretcher underneath. It allows the patient to be left in the unit for several hours
without the need for additional support. The pump is provided with the PIC.

– External handle for attaching the ventilator/respiration unit.
– 2 one-way valves for the entry or expulsion of air at the top; decrease in pressure of 5 Mbars (500 Pa).
– 3 external straps for fastening the unit to a stretcher.
– Internal rim on the ground sheet to retain fluids when opening the unit.
– Detachable pouch for personal effects.

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