CUBE : Biosecure Emergency Room for Epidemics




The Biosecure Emergency Room for Epidemics (CUBE) was invented thanks to a partnership with an NGO to fight against the Ebola virus and then adapted to treat patients with COVID-19.

This perfectly waterproof 9m2 individual isolation unit (IU) can isolate a patient at risk of epidemics for several weeks. The total transparency of walls A and B facilitates continuous monitoring, medical interventions as well as communication between the patient, the family and the nursing staff.

The design of the isolation unit based on fully decontaminable materials meets the challenges of responsiveness and efficiency of secure medical interventions. It also saves medical equipment and reduces the risk of exposure. The CUBE proposed by SECUROTEC consists of a stainless steel frame 2.10m high and a bubble (flexible walls welded together) hung on the frame.

The entire UI is a removable device to facilitate transport and deployment as close as possible to epidemic foci. Intensive wall A comprising the equipment needed to care for the patient (medication pocket, waste evacuation airlock, integrated suit, cuffs, etc.) allows caregivers to intervene on the patient. From the outside, a caregiver can therefore collect data, administer care or monitor the patient without wearing additional Personal Protective Equipment while minimizing the risk of contamination.

As an option, a ventilation system to filter polluted air and create depression phenomena (or overpressure in the case of immunocompromised patients) in the main unit as well as in the nursing airlock is offered.

The SECUROTEC isolation unit is particularly suitable for indoor or outdoor use (shelter tent to be provided), in tropical areas requiring ease of installation and constant mobility. REGISTERED MODEL – CE



Dimensions and weight


Dimensions of the complete device installed: 3m x 3.97m x 2.20m (airlock and ventilation installed)

Dimension of the deployed frame (L x W x H): 2.95m x 2.95m x 2.1m (total volume of 18.3 m3)

Dimension of storage boxes (L x W x H): 1.20m x 0.60m x 0.50m

Total weight deployed device: 160 Kg (frame + bubble + ventilation / filtration)

Total storage weight: 210 Kg (frame+bubble+ventilation/filtration+storage boxes)

Technical specifications



  1. 1 rapidly deployable metal frame
  2. 1 Bubble: 1 A-intensive wall welded to the other walls
  3. 1 transparent wall B with healthcare entrance airlock
  4. 1 white opaque single wall C
  5. 1 opaque C wall with patient entrance door
  6. 1 anti-slip floor 1 transparent roof
  7. 1 H14 ventilation/filtration system


  1. PU-foil
  2. Polyester fabric with PVC coating

Assembly and folding time

  1. Assembly: 30 mins
  2. 4 people


SECUROTEC performs quality control during manufacturing and the finished product. The SECUROTEC device complies with the control specifications in force during the manufacture of the CUBE.

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